Give us a call. We can talk about your specific situation by phone.
Have your statements ready. You won't be asked to send them.
We will ask/answer questions, and discuss your present situation.
If you like what you hear, we will meet in our offices.

Our Ultra Low Flat Fees are designed to be half of the industry standard.

Wealth is not necessary to be a respected client of our firm.
There are no arrogant account minimum requirements.
Everyone's life changes, and all 'life changes' have a financial impact.

Our CEO personally manages ALL client accounts, Is fully licensed, and has over 20 years experience in Financial Analytics and Investment Portfolio Management.

Our firm operates under several terms and licenses; Registered Investment Advisor, Financial Advisor, Stock Broker, Financial Planner, Investment Analyst, Wealth Manager.

All client accounts have the standard Federal SIPC insurance, Securities & Exchange Commission, and State oversight.