We are truly different than other Investment Advisor, or Financial Advisor firms:
Our CEO, Steve Casull, is an expert in all types of investment strategies for retirement, and other Investment accounts. Steve personally manages all client accounts. Your account will never be handed off to an associate. Once the account is opened, money is either transferred from an existing account at another firm, or deposited by check. That money is then divided among several asset classes and investments based on the current market indicators that we constantly evaluate. Other money managers reserve this type of management to multi million dollar clients at much higher fees. It is impossible for anyone at the firm to withdraw money. If clients want money from their account, we request a check that is sent to the client's address, or can be transferred dierectly into the client's account at their bank or credit union. Another very important difference; there isn't pressure from a management tier suggesting 'grey area' sales tactics and imposing outlandish sales quotas to keep one's job. We recognize that investment planning is only a part of overall financial advice. We take an all-inclusive, and holistic approach in how we serve our clients.

Our Ultra Low Fees are designed to be half of the industry standards (refer to the "Low Fees" tab above). Low fees do not mean low quality.

Specific Investment accounts:
TOTAL Investment & Financial Planning, IRA, ROTH IRA, SEP, Trust, and Standard investment accounts, inheritance, 401K rollover, employer stock options & purchase, Small business purchase and sale, much more.

*Pro Athletic, Entertainment Industry, and Affluency Bonding is available

Wealth is not necessary to be a respected client of our firm. There are no arrogant account minimums required. Everyone's life changes, and all 'life changes' have a financial impact.

FREE Services :
Life changing events can be, good or bad. but all usually impact finances. ALL CLIENTS and their families receive FREE, "Life Change Financial Advice" services: Marriage, Divorce rebuilding,  House payment reduction, Inheritance, New job, Death of a spouse, Injury settlement, Small Business consulting, product patent process, product launch and funding advice, foreclosure and short sale purchase advice, much more. "We take this tack to keep you as a client, and to earn referrals. We want you to be happy you found us, and proud to refer us"  Steve Casull

Our firm operates under several terms and licenses;
Registered Investment Advisor, Financial Advisor, Stock & Bond Broker, Financial Planner, Investment Analyst, Wealth Manager.

All client accounts have the standard Federal SIPC insurance, Securities and Exchange Commission and State oversight.