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Casull Financial Advisory provides top shelf business retirement plan services. Our experience in managing business retirement plans has been forged over 20 years. The ultra low fee structure typically saves our clients thousands of dollars. We are best suited managing small business, or corporate plans of 1 - 500 employees. We are a registered fiduciary which insulates the Employer against personal and corporate liability looming in the retirement plan market place. We do extensive research on retirement plan providers that accept all fiduciary roles, responsibilities, and liabilities that can be outsourced to a fiduciary outsourcing company under ERISA.  We have identified credentialed companies that can take the role of Named Fiduciary, Discretionary Trustee, and Named Plan Administrator.


By providing a personalized Retirement Evaluation, we help your employees/ participants understand exactly where they stand in their retirement plan. We also talk to them about other financial concerns in their life, and how to prepare for success, thus alleviating their fears and stresses, which adds to their job performance and loyalty. Our experience shows that participants convey the great service they receive to their fellow employees encouraging increased participation which strengthens the 5500 reporting.


Layoffs and force reductions are a fact of life. These situations can be grueling, not only for the employee, but the employer as well. We strive to make this situation as painless as possible by providing excellent, and reality based financial counseling REGARDLESS of the amount in their 401K plan, for example sometimes the employee needs to access the 401K funds to survive. We answer all the questions that the company shouldn't answer per Federal Laws associated with 401K investment choices/allocation, withdrawals, and fund transfer. We are also well networked with several staffing and recruiting agencies that can get the employee back on track, greatly reducing the stress for all concerned. We do not receive any fees from those agencies. 


We are a fully licensed and bonded Investment and Financial Advisor, registered with the State of Utah and FINRA, the Federal oversight entity under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission with the same guarantees and SIPC protections as other firms. Our record is spotless. We are independent and don't sell investment products or receive commissions. Casull Financial Advisory is not affiliated with, or controlled by any broker/dealer, registered investment company, insurance company, or financial services organization. We act solely in the best interest of the enterprise and its employees/participants, and strongly believe that plan participants and sponsors value our objectivity and benefit from our independent approach.



We work with many business owners that will be relying on the sale of their enterprise to complete their retirement income plans. The problem lies in who will be the purchaser of that enterprise. Will that person have the funds needed? Will that person have to rely on a bank loan where over collateralization may be needed? Will the business owner have to take on extreme risks of taking payments? What if the buyer errodes the enterprise to worthlessness, or they can't make the payments? The business owner will then have to go back to work until another buyer is found.  Due to changes in REGULATION A, and in addition, CFA's network of experts in private funding offerings, we have ways in which amicable funding can be obtained to satisfy both the Seller, and the Buyer of small businesses.