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Buying a repossessed car, truck, piece of equipment, recreation vehicle, or other property,  can save a phenomenal amount of money.  My neighbor was skeptical. I gave him the link below. He found a nice Honda for his daughter. After paying $900 plus minor repairs, she sold it  a year later for $3200! Utahn's are allowed to sell 5 vehicles a year without a dealership bond, as long as you license it. Buying a repo is very easy. License and drive the vehicle for a while, sell it, and buy another one, and make some money doing it. Your spouse and driving age kids can sell 5 vehicles per year also!

Credit unions at farther distances, and in small cities may provide even better opportunities.

You will see various items on these lists, other than just autos, and the prices listed are not etched in stone, all are GREATLY negotiable.

Please fill out the form below, or call during business hours, to receive a link to access the Credit Union page. Clicking on the link you receive will open a page where you can search all credit unions and their constantly updated lists of repossessed vehicles, and other items used as collateral of defaulted loans.

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