If you’re not involved in the Financial Services Industry you may not know where to start your due diligence in finding a good financial advisor, or more importantly, the questions to ask the advisors you interview. We’ve included the following pertinent questions you should be asking a prospective Financial Advisor, along with our answers:

  • How long have you been an Investment Consultant? 26 years in Financial Services, 20 years as a SEC Registered Investment Consultant, Financial Advisor, Financial Planner, and Stock Broker.
  • Do you have a sales quota, or performance requirement to keep your job?  No. Our overhead is very low and efficient. No Debt.
  • How often will I hear from you? At least every six months, unless you call us.
  • Will I work with you directly? YES! You will not be assigned to an assistant.
  • Do you personally own any of the products that you recommend to your clients? Yes.
  • How can I be assured my money is safe from fraud? SIPC regulated & Insured custodian, Interactive Brokers. It is impossible for anyone but the client to remove funds from a client account. We NEVER take custody of client funds.
  • Does the firm incorporate High Net Worth Bond protections? Yes. We incorporate Professional Athletics and Entertainment Industry bonding for accounts falling into these categories. ALL accounts are managed under the same analytics, however.
  • What experience do you have, especially with people in my circumstance?  Over 26 years in Financial Services and Investments, but not knowing your situation I can't answer fully, but I do have a broad background working with clients, business owners and net worth levels. Let’s answer this after we look over your situation, and discuss your goals and concerns.
  • Where did you go to school? University of Utah, Hong Kong Polytechnic, American Institute of Banking
  • What licenses do you hold? The coveted Series 7, Series 66, Series 63,  Life, Health, Annuities, Long Term Care.  WE RARELY SUGGEST ANNUITIES. 
  • Are you registered with FINRA and State Division of Securities? Yes, spotless record with; FINRA, Securities Exchange Commission and State Division of Securities
  • What products and services do you offer? Ultra low fee account management,  FREE "Life Change" event counseling. FREE Children's Personal Finance seminars.
  • Can you only recommend a limited number of products or services to me? NO. We are an independant, fully Registered Investment Advisory Firm, we can offer any investment in the market place. More importantly, We are not beholding to anyone BUT our clients.
  • How are you paid for your services? What is your usual hourly rate, flat fee, or commission?  No commissions. No hourly nickel and diming. ULTRA LOW ANNUAL FEE: .75% per year for account balances under a $Million, and .50% per year for account balances of a $Million Plus. Accounts over $5MILLION can be negotiated.
  • Have you ever been disciplined by any government regulator for unethical or improper conduct or been sued by a client who was not happy with the work you did? No.
  • The SEC advises clients to seek out Registered Investment Advisory firms that utilize a third party custodian to hold all accounts. We utilize the highest ranked Third Party Custodian.

We manage our firm, and treat our clients in a way that we would demand to be treated. Not all Financial Advisors are the same. Come and interview us for yourself.