DIY ( Do it yourself ) FEES
Friday May 2 2014

My Mom is a smart gal, former Registered Nurse, and a “Tiger Mom” (have you read the GREAT book?) My Father was a genius. He could build and fix anything, and I’m resisting the temptation to elaborate on his various patents and inventions. The money your Father makes is irrelevant, but building respect in your kids is imperative. I do not care how much money you have; I feel it is imperative for Fathers to teach their kids the” basics of fixing”. It’s amazing how many men I meet in the upper income levels that hire out work that can easily be done by them. Now true, some of these people may say their time is worth more than the dollar savings, but showing your kids how to change a switch,  fix a hole in dry wall, paint a room, not only saves you money, but it is a valid way to interact with your kids. Thus, allowing them to carry on the same traditions to YOUR grandkids, in a ‘story’ that starts out, “when I was your age, my Father, your Grand Father, showed me how to fix stuff too”. Most of my neighbors hire landscapers, probably so they can have time to go to the gym. Doing your own yardwork not only; saves you money, burns calories, and gives a sense of fulfillment, but it also provides several “basic fixing” topics to your kids.

Although I feel it is a secondary reward, what does one do with the money saved when doing these fixes themselves? No money changes hands, so no money goes into the JUG. Wrong. The JUG gets 25% of all savings from do it yourself activities. The reality is that some may not want to fix a sprinkler, even though it is one of the easiest home fixes. Call a sprinkler repair person. Get a quote. Then go to Home Depot or Lowes and learn how easy it is to fix . You’re the BOSS. Either pay someone else to ‘earn respect from your kids’, or DO IT YOURSELF and then take 25% of what you were quoted and put it in the JUG. Once a month deposit the money into either an IRA, or maybe a NON-IRA.  Establish tradition that will be told in other stories to your grandkids…

Steve J. Casull, CEO & Founder